Flaco Jimenez is a professional gambler. He has a book on gambling and he’s also a professional poker player. Flaco is so good at what he does that his nickname is “King of the Casino.” If you ever have the chance to play against him, just know that you’re going up against one of the best gamblers in the world.

He’s won several tournaments during his time as a professional gambler and he even has an award named after him for being one of the best gamblers ever. You can see some pictures of Flaco below, with some images showing him playing poker (he also plays blackjack).

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Flaco Jimenez's gambling guide is a must for any gambler. It is a simple, easy read that will teach you the basics of gambling from scratch. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this guide is for everyone. It will teach you how to calculate your odds, what strategies to use, spot a cheat, and even beat the casino.

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